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Missouri Property Inspections would like to to congratulate you on your new home. It’s such an exciting time but at the same time it can be a little stressful. The excitement of buying a new home sometimes can cloud our judgment.

What I mean is this – when you find that special home and you’re looking at all the great things that you like about the home, you get all excited and can’t wait to get into your new home and start your life on a new path.

Who Is Watching Out For You?

“Thank you for the thorough home inspection. You have helped us make one of the most important decisions of our lives.”

– Kim & Zak B.

At those moments we’re not thinking about the problems the home might really have. The real estate agent, mortgage company, banks – all these people have one thing in common, they all have someone watching their back. Who’s watching yours?

You’re making one of the largest investments that you will ever make for you and for your family.

It’s important to have someone watching out for you to make sure that the home that you’re about to buy is a safe, sound, secure investment.

I can tell you from experience that all homes, even brand-new homes, have issues. Some of these issues if not discovered can cost you thousands of dollars once you move in and take possession of the home.

Now I’m not trying to scare you. But it is important that you know that once you go to closing any problems with the home are yours. That’s a fact of life when it comes to buying a home. Sometimes we don’t realize how easy it is to hide a problem. Sometimes the person that owns the home doesn’t even realize they have a serious problem.

Experience And A Trained Eye

If you don’t have the experience and a trained eye to know what to look for, how would you know if there are any issues that should be taken care of before you buy the home? You wouldn’t.

Before you buy any home you should always have a certified Missouri home inspector do an inspection.

This inspection is an unbiased evaluation of the home. It is not a pass or fail situation. As a matter of fact we want you to be with us as we inspect the home so you have a chance to ask questions about the home and issues that we may find.

All of our reports have digital photos with an easy-to-read report to help you quickly identify the issues. You can negotiate with the seller about fixing issues or renegotiate the price of the home if necessary. Either way you will know what issues the home has and can make an informed decision on how to proceed. This report is a very valuable tool for you.

“It was a completely thorough job and was followed up immediately via e-mail with a fantastic report with comments and photos to help us understand his comments.”

– Robert H.

Can you imagine just for a moment moving into your new home thinking that everything is okay and a month or two later you find out that you need to replace your roof or some other very expensive items?

Or maybe there was some water damage that you didn’t know about and you had a very serious mold problem which is not only very costly to repair but also can be a serious health issue.

Unexpected Expenses

Unexpected expenses can be a big burden on you after just buying a home. These kinds of things happen all the time because people get excited and don’t think about having someone protect their investment. It can cost you thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses.

Does it really make sense to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home and not spend a few hundred dollars to protect you, your family and your investment? No, it doesn’t.

Missouri Property Inspections is here to make sure that you are protected. I am a Professional Certified ASHI Inspector. ASHI stands for the American Society of Home Inspectors. You are welcome to verify my certification with ASHI where they will tell you…

“Paul D Reichle is an ASHI Certified Home Inspector. This designation is reserved only for those members who have met the highest educational, experience and ethical requirements set forth by the ASHI Certification Committee.”

We are dedicated to education and all new techniques so you as a home buyer can feel completely confident in your investment.

Buying a home without getting a home inspection is dangerous. It can be dangerous to you and your family’s health, safety and financial stability.

Lets Us Keep Your Missouri Dream Home From Turning Into A Horrifying Nightmare

Missouri Property Inspections makes it easy and painless for you so give us a call today 636-358-0111. We can answer all your questions and schedule your home for an inspection. Or you can go to the Contact page and give us a little information and we’ll contact you.

It is our job to look out for your interests and to protect you. We take our job seriously and look forward to helping you with your home purchase.

“Everything came through Crystal Clear. Thanks for getting it done quickly.”

– Jennifer G.

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